The embattled literary writer consistently proves you can’t keep a good woman down!

America's most hated writer...

In what has been two decades of personal attacks, the former mistress of two of the world’s deadliest terrorists, Hasan al Turabi and Osama Bin Laden (against her will) has clearly not been forgiven, understood or trusted since the London Guardian outed those relationships.

Kola Boof is constantly the target of nasty rumors and outright lies.

Writer and Speaker.

Literary Novelist/Poet

The Magic of KOLA

Acclaimed by the NY TIMES, Boston Globe and many, many more, Kola Boof is an astounding chronicler of Black and African women’s dreams, experiences and social movements.  Classics such as “Flesh and the Devil”, “Diary of a Lost Girl” (her autobiography) and more recently “Feminists Need Dick Too” reveal a deep thinking well of empathy and understanding.

What Critics Are Saying

Kola's latest!

Critically acclaimed yet embattled novelist KOLA BOOF (“The Sexy Part of the Bible”, “Diary of a Lost Girl”, “Flesh and the Devil”) tells us how she really feels in this brutally honest deeply personal Black Girl sex memoir that bravely exposes the differences between African Feminism, Black Womanism and White American Feminism.  Ultimately the book is a manifesto appealing to all women of any race, any sexuality and even includes legitimate representation of Transwomen.

    Ms. Boof starts with the question: “What if I had a daughter?  What would I tell her about being a Woman and surviving in this world?

    After being married to two millionaires (one Black, one White) and dating quite the list of male celebrities (Boof tries to downplay her history with Osama Bin Laden, however); Kola Boof definitely sounds like an expert on these matters and is one of the most entertaining wisdom-sharing public figures in literature today.  It’s a shame that corporate smear campaigns targeted at Boof after the Bin Laden scandal, Xenophobia and U.S. White Media’s personal disdain for Ms. Boof has relegated her to being something of an underground sensation.  Truly, her level of talent and intellect deserves more attention.

    It’s impossible to agree with everything Boof writes here.  I have a few bones to pick with her.  But her penchant for making us talk about topics we ordinarily wouldn’t dare debate in public has become legendary.  “Feminists Need Dick Too!” Strikes me as both the perfect beach read for young thinking women and confirmation for much older Black women that they were right about certain things all along.  On display is the skillfull surgeon’s scalpel-like writing that has forced giants like N.Y. Times and so many others to admit this un-trained little uneducated girl from Black America via Sudan is one of the most powerful literary writers on the scene.  Her closing essay, “Home Is Where the Hatred Is” brought me to tears.

    Men who are secure within themselves will love and enjoy the book as well.

                                              —Teedra Wyndam