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I hadn’t heard of Kola Boof until a few weeks ago, when the news came out that bin Laden had a “thing” for Whitney Houston– according to his former mistress/sex slave. Always interested in the subject matter of Islamic terrorism, I ordered this book (“Diary of a Lost Girl”). I am so glad I did, too.

Kola Boof is a wonderful and HONEST writer. This is really one of the most passionate and honest memoirs I have read. She writes of her childhood growing up Muslim in Sudan– the child of a Sudanese and an Egyptian. She shares her memories of her parents’ love and her parents’ murder. She shares her pain at being subsequently abandoned by her grandmother. Of the horrors she saw perpetuated by Muslim Arabs.

It’s really an incredible book. Kola Boof’s story is more of a testament to her life and her life’s calling– which is to educate the public about Islam and Islam’s aim for Islamic rule and a return to the Caliphate. The author has seen unbelievable evil including rape, murder, beatings, theft. She talks about the slaves that the Muslims kept (her father was unhappy about this and spoke out– that’s why he was killed). She shares all of this with the reader eloquently and passionately. She will not be silenced.

Kola has denounced Islam and considers herself an African Woman and believes in “the Goddess”. She is a feminist. However, because she criticizes Islam, she has been virtually ignored by the press and ignored by the Democratic party, although she is definitely a liberal democrat herself. The author points out the hypocrisy today within the Democratic party and the party’s hypocritical tolerance for those who are intolerant of all, while being intolerant of those who just wish to speak the truth, share their stories, and share their information. This book is for EVERYONE, however. Please don’t dismiss it because of your political leanings. This book is too important.

Some might find Kola a bit strong. This is her strength, though. She will not be silenced in the face of injustice. Her past could have cowered her, instead it gave her unbelievable strength. She is definitely a woman to be admired and listened to.


Kola Boof is a wild, daringly modern Womanist voice.  Her books never disappoint.

The Sexy Part of the Bible
Her most critically acclaimed novel! THE SEXY PART OF THE BIBLE
BANNED for years, her short story collection "LONG TRAIN" is a perennial winner!
Stunning Womanist Prose by Kola Boof in FEMINISTS NEED DICK TOO!

The ultimate girl group novel….VIRGINS IN THE BEEHIVE; a modern hip hop classic by KOLA BOOF

A true Black Classic!

ROBERT JONES JR. (award-winning author of “THE PROPHETS”) has called Kola Boof’s classic love story FLESH AND THE DEVIL” one of his favorite novels of all time.

Referred to as “My love letter to Black America” by Kola Boof who was adopted and raised by African-Americans, this smolderingly beautiful semi-erotic novel covers the passionate romance of a Black man and a Black Woman that begins in ancient West Africa and continues for 26,000 years in modern day Washington, D.C., Sag Harbor and New York.

Flesh and the Devil” is widely considered to be Kola Boof’s
first big hit in America.