Born Naima Bint Harith in Omdurman, Sudan (3-3-69) and nicknamed ‘The Outlaw‘ by fans, Kola Boof is widely regarded as one of the world’s most controversial authors.

Her Nilotic last name BOOF translates to ‘war drum‘ –a war drum that is only played in victory.  Many lovers of fiction certainly describe her novels and poems as an intoxicating drumbeat.  Boof’s actual work has been critically acclaimed by the same giants (NY TIMES etc.) that have also sought to discredit her.

Instead of being famous BOOF remains INfamous.  But no matter how the establishment has tried to ignore, smear or dismiss the passionate storyteller, there is genuine love for this Nilotic Black American-raised firecracker.  But what’s all the controversy you ask?


After years of muddied and disputed reports it is now generally known that Kola Boof was the mistress of terrorist Osama Bin Laden for six months in 1996.  Ms. Boof insists that this relationship was against her will.  The affair was outed by the London Guardian. Initially Ms. Boof denied the affair but quickly admitted it after being threatened with deportation by U.S. government.  Her bestselling autobiography (2003–“Diary of a Lost Girl“) was published nearly a decade before Bin Laden died and gained international publicity and media attention but was never challenged by Usama or the Bin Laden family.  Boof was also sexually involved with Bin Laden’s mentor, Hasan al Turabi during her modeling career in North Africa.


Kola Boof initially came on the scene appearing topless on the back of her book covers.  As you can imagine this did not go over well with Western White societies.  It caused the author to be banned from several bookstores including top Black American bookstores in USA.  The author noted: “I can wear long blonde weave on Black American book shelves but can’t be topless.”

The writer (who originally wrote about being born Intersex in her 2003 memoir–Boof has given birth to two sons) took up very controversial issues in the early 2000’s –notably her public refusal to embrace USA’s one drop rule–a stance that made Boof very unpopular with many Black American gatekeepers.  This was followed by Boof flaunting her abortion at 17, her passionate allegiance to Womanist foremothers (Alice Walker), her staunch defense of Feminism and her vicious attacks on her birth religion, ISLAM.  For many years, it was known that world image-maker David Hoile had been hired by the Sudanese government to smear, discredit and destroy Kola Boof’s writing career.  Alternately, she received similar attention from U.S. intelligence agencies who also spread disinformation about the author.

Kola Boof has complained about U.S. government surveillance her entire career.

SPOUSES: Simon Palacio (*Boof has two sons with Palacio–married 10 years; they are divorced), Jason Appelbaum (*married 4 years; divorced in 2017)

Birthday: March 3rd 1969 (*the author likes to remind everyone she is PISCES)

ADOPTION: Kola Boof was adopted and raised by Black Americans starting in 1979.  She often says that she, too, is now a Black American–“I am culturally Black American; that’s my tribe now.” (Kola Boof Twitter)

Religion: HEKA

Mentors: Derrick Bell

Favorite influences: Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Nawal el Sadaawi, Marita Golden, Mari Evans, Gloria Naylor, Gayl Jones, James Baldwin, Chinweizu

Notable Quotes:The meaning of life is that your deeds outlive you.

ODD JOBS: Kola Boof learned English watching daytime soap operas and grew up to become Ghost Head Writer of one of them “Days of Our Lives.”  Her controversial firing from the soap was covered in NY POST, Soapnet and Time Magazine.  Boof has stated that she can’t teach at University like other writers–she has no formal education– and thus had to write soaps for money.  She wrote for “Young and the Restless” and was a consultant on “As the World Turns.”

Favorite foods: Umfitit (Egyptian pork chitterlings) is tied with steak and Lobster with lots of clarified butter.

Favorite Color: Green

Her favorite book written by herself:Flesh and the Devil” (her first novel, 1995)